About Tea vs Coffee

Tea vs Coffee is a smart, fun, and wildly tasty team building activity; it is a 100% virtual experience for remote teams.

Our staff is a little obsessed with virtual team building, and so we created our dream activity. Your event includes icebreaker questions, themed-trivia and the main tasting experience itself.

Example Event Itinerary

We have a proven format for team building activities that remote teams rave about, plus some options and add-ons so you can make the event a perfect fit for your group. Here is a sample event itinerary for Tea vs Coffee:

Intro & Icebreakers15 minutes
Guided Meditation20 minutes
The Official Tea vs Coffee Ceremony30 minutes
Cool Down & Wrap Up10 minutes
Buffer15 minutes
Total90 minutes

Options & Add-ons

Every Tea vs Coffee event includes the essentials for a successful team building experience: your facilitator, games and beverage materials. This standard package is all you need to have a blast.

You can also add options and upgrades for your event.

🍡 Extra TastingsExtend your Tea vs Coffee Ceremony by 30 minutes and with three additional tastings.
β˜• Gift BagsAn extra bag of goodies for your staff, including larger portions of the specialty drinks and chocolates.
πŸ—ƒοΈ Extra KitsYour team members may want to include family and friends on the call. We can send extra tasting kits so everyone can join in the fun.
πŸ“½οΈ Video TrailerOur editor-pros will make an epic trailer of your team’s event; it’s a fun memento they can share with family and friends (and you can use for recruiting).

More Details

This is 100% virtual and remote. If you’d like us to come to your office, we can do so with an additional travel fee.

It works for groups of all sizes. Have a team of 30? Rad. Have a team of 300? 10 times as rad. We can accommodate your entire staff.

Our prices are reasonable. Not cheap, because then our business would fail, but reasonable. We will probably fit in your budget.

We do events worldwide. We are a US based company and run events for organizations around the world.